Mark Carroll

About Mark

Based in the Seattle area, Mark is an experienced technology executive with a keen eye on both technical and business strategy, having expertise in technical architecture, technology selection, mobile applications, API frameworks, big data analytics, and solutions selling. Mark has expertise across a range of hardware and software platforms and has experience in many industry verticals.

Over the course of his career Mark has had extensive experience in solutions and systems design, both large and small, ranging from low level operating system architecture such as Windows Automotive and Windows XP, to multi-layered complex systems in many different vertical markets. During his time at INRIX he designed the API infrastructure that subsequently powered all of INRIX’s outward capabilities along with many of INRIX’s biggest customer implementation projects. Mark was also the architect behind INRIX’s mobile SDK and its implementation in the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers devices. At Microsoft his major projects included the JavaScript engine in Visual Studio, owning a core part of Windows 2000 & Windows XP and pioneering the Microsoft Automotive platform used by Fiat and Ford in their connected in-car devices (e.g. Ford SYNC).

More recently Mark has been heavily involved in the world of big data analytics and helping people to understand how to capture and interpret large multi-terabyte data sets and turn them into actionable business decisions.

Mark started life in England and spent his early career with Microsoft in Europe before settling in Seattle where he has been for the last 20 years. When he is not creating things with technology, Mark is an ardent woodworker and DIYer and enjoys being able to make things you can actually touch. He lives in Washington wine country with his wife, two children, two dogs and a cat.